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of beauty industry businesses are at risk of permanent closing.

The Facts

We are the face of the She-cession.

Four out of five salon and spa owners are female. About 1 in 5 workers in our industry are people from a racialized community. The majority of our owners, workers, and customers are women. 

However, the Ontario government hasn't been doing enough to support working women during the pandemic. 

We have a plan to safely re-open and ensure working women, women entrepreneurs, and those in the broader beauty sector are part of a real recovery.

Ontario's salon, spa, barber, esthetician, and tattoo workers and business owners have struggled through lockdowns during the pandemic.

We need a re-opening and recovery plan for an industry that is mostly run by and for the working women of Ontario. 

It's time the government helped us get back to work, and back on our feet.

Fairness for Personal Care

The Ford government isn't listening to women.

Despite a full year of working with the Ford government on a plan to safely re-open Ontario's beauty industry, and being informed of the significant economic hardships being faced by the women who work in, own, and rely on the beauty industry - the Ford government has simply stopped listening.

That's why we need your help to speak out. We need you to let them know that you think the beauty industry matters. That the women who are suffering deserve the same attention that bars, restaurants, places of worship, and big box stores are getting.

of businesses are single-location operations.



of workers in the 
industry are women.


In the news

Salon, spa, barber, esthetician, tattoo, and other allied beauty industry small business owners have come together to give voice to our industry's unique and urgent circumstances. 

We are Ontario's beauty industry entrepreneurs.